Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/28.05.20/Turan: On the Day of the Republic - May 28, two new monographs were published in Baku by the doctor of historical sciences, the head of the department of "General History and Technology of Teaching History" of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University Sevinj Aliyeva: "Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the states of the North Caucasus (Bakı, “AVROPA” - 2020, 412 c.) in Russian and “Azərbaycan Xalq Cümhuriyyəti və Şimali Qafqaz dövlətləri müstəqillik illərində (1918-1920)” (Bakı, “AVROPA” - 2020, 322 pp.) (Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and North Caucasus states in the years of independence.)

Sevinj Aliyeva is the author of monographs on the history of Turkic peoples, Azerbaijanis in the North Caucasus and Tatars in Azerbaijan, the relations between the peoples of Azerbaijan and the North Caucasus, the history of cooperation between the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the states of the North Caucasus.

 In the new monograph, for the first time, the author showed the relationship of ADRs with Muslim state entities - the Mountain Republic, the North Caucasus Emirate, Imamat N. Gotsinsky, as well as with the Cossack and Cossack-mountain state entities - the Southeastern Union of Cossack Troops, Highlanders of the Caucasus and free peoples of the steppes, the Kuban People's Republic and the Terek-Dagestan Government, etc.

The author notes: "As a researcher of the relationship between the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the North Caucasus states, it has always been interesting to deal with this topic. For many years, I have studied the Azerbaijan-North Caucasus historical relations. It was during the Caucasian War (1817-1859 / 1864) and 1918-1920, when the people's liberation struggle for freedom and independence unfolded, the peoples of Azerbaijan and the North Caucasus were heavily weighed against each other, events intertwined, resonated in both regions, ideas of unification, rallying, and unity appeared. During these periods, our peoples passed the strength test, survival, self-reliance.

The most prominent representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus - the color of the nation - headed the national socio-political movements, and inscribed their name in history and glorified their peoples.

You can evaluate their political views and activities from different perspectives. It is very easy to do. Especially from the side. For us, something else is important. This is not an idea of ​​narrow nationalism or political ambitions. Of interest to us is the idea of ​​uniting the peoples of the Caucasus. National leaders did not focus on narrow national interests, from the very first days they rushed to unity, unification; they led to this goal the most diverse peoples in terms of language, religion, and way of farming. And it was not their fault that there was not enough time to strengthen and establish a new form of organization, that they were immediately in the maelstrom of military-political events, and were forced to hold the front in all directions. I think that in a short time the worthy sons of the Caucasus managed a lot to introduce your peoples. They endured all the tests with honor; survivors continued their activities in exile; fought for ideals, and have left a mark in our soul, mind and memory. "

The presentation of new books by Sevinj Aliyeva will take place on May 28 during the international video conference organized by the Department of  General History and Technology of Teaching History” of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. The conference was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the diplomatic recognition of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic “International recognition of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic: history lessons““International Recognition of ADRs: History Lessons. " Scientists from Azerbaijan and Turkey will take part in the conference dedicated to Republic Day.-0-


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