Gubad Ibadoglu Supporters Persecuted

Baku / 07.04.20 / Turan: The Movement for Democracy and Welfare (MDW) announced pressure on its activists. In particular, an activist of the organization Rovshan Muradli was forcibly taken to the Sumgayit police.

On April 5, the police took him out of the house and held a “preventative conversation”, after which they released him. Another activist, Ulfat Hagverdiyev, was also taken to the police and fined 100 manat without any reason under the pretext of violating the quarantine regime.

Another activist, Ilgar Yagublu, was brought to the police and fined 100 manat.

Muhabbat Murad, another member of the organization, was under psychological pressure by telephone.

On April 6, the head of the Sumgayit branch of the organization, Shakir Mammadli, was detained and sentenced to 15 days in jail for not submitting to the police.

“The activists' drives to the police and coercion to remove posts from their Facebook pages indicate that they are being persecuted for political reasons, for freedom of expression,” the statement said.

The MDW called on the authorities to stop repressions against critics of the government and release the arrested members of the organization.

Recall that the MDW was created in 2015 and is headed by the economist Gubad Ibadoglu. —03D06-


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