Istanbul to Host Conference on South Caucasus

The international conference, "Conditions for freedom, peace and prosperity in the South Caucasus", will be held April 25-26 in Istanbul under the auspices of the German Foundation Friedrich Naumann "For Freedom."

The conference will bring together policy makers and experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Germany, USA, France, Belgium, and Norway.

The Azerbaijani delegation includes the leader of the party Musavat, Isa Gambar, the head of the FAR Center Hikmet Hajizadeh, expert Elkhan Mehdiyev and the Director of the Turan news agency, Mehman Aliyev.

The agenda of the conference includes the prospects of regional peace and stability, the policy of regional powers, the human factor, and conditions for cooperation in the South Caucasus.

Experts on the situation in the region, formulated at the beginning of this year, during the consultations in Tbilisi, showed that the region is in a state of confrontation, and there is no vision of partnership or cooperation, and the countries of the South Caucasus can not take full advantage of the opportunities of global international projects.

"Through this conference, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in collaboration with its partners in the South Caucasus, Turkey, Russia and other countries, wants to contribute to a better understanding of the current situation in the South Caucasus," said the regional representative of the fund Yasemin Pamuk.

Conference organizers hope that bringing together experts and policy makers in the region, will formulate an idea of freedom, peace, stability and cooperation in the South Caucasus. -0 -


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