Mehriban Aliyeva for the first time made a trip to the regions alone

Baku / 15.02.19 / Turan: In recent days happened an event that has remained little noticed by the media and politicians. For the first time, Mehriban Aliyev visited the regions of the country alone, without a husband, and as the country's first vice president.

The first visit took place the day before in Ganja, where meetings were held with local residents. "My main goal is to find out problems that have not been resolved. All of them must be consistently resolved," said Aliyeva at a meeting with citizens.

In particular, she noted that she is seriously engaged in school issues and there should not be any unrepaired schools in the country. In addition, issues with kindergartens will be resolved.

She also said that a new apartment building for 36 families will be built for the victims of the explosion in a residential building in Ganja.

"All the problems associated with Ganja are at the center of my attention. You can be sure that we can be in touch with you on every issue, every problem that concerns you, and I am ready to do everything possible," she noted. -02D-

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