Participants of the opposition rally condemned corruption

Baku / 07.10.17 / Turan: Opposition rally under the slogan "The End of Corruption, Freedom for Political Prisoners!" has come to the end. The leader of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Ali Kerimli said that the authorities in every possible way try to disrupt the opposition rallies. According to him, in recent weeks, about 200 activists have been detained and summoned to the police;16 people were subjected to administrative arrest.

However, according to Kerimli, the authorities can arrest the organizers of the rally, but they can do nothing before the power of the people, and they will not be able to prevent mass protests. He criticized the authorities for corruption, which became the object of criticism at the international level. "We expect the international community to complete the investigation of the scandal with the laundering of $ 3 billion from Azerbaijan, and the punishment of those responsible," Kerimli said. The oppositionist noted that those who by corruption deprive the disabled, orphans, martyr families, pensioners sooner or later will bear a decent punishment. He also criticized the policy of the authorities towards the resolution of the Karabakh conflict, and stated that the funds allocated for defense were spent on the purchase of low-quality weapons.

Kerimli also demanded the release of political prisoners. Jamil Hasanli, chairman of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) of Azerbaijan, also spoke about corruption in Azerbaijan at the highest level, calling the power "kleptocratic". Azerbaijan, Hasanli continued, is governed by the "government of oligarchic ministers". Hasanli demanded the release of political prisoners. During the performance of Hasanli at the stadium about five minutes, electricity was cut off. Electricity supply was stopped also during the announcement of the picket resolution, at the time when it was announced that it was demanding to return "stolen 2.9 billion" to the country. The NCDF demanded an investigation of these facts, and appointed the next rally at 3 p.m. on October 28. -03B06--

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2017 October 07 (Saturday) 15:05:37

Opposition rally

Baku / 07.10.17 / Turan:, A rally of thousands of people began with the slogan: "The end of corruption, freedom for political prisoners!" has begun at the Yasamal district stadium (formerly known as "Mahsul") at 15:00. Representatives of other political parties and public organizations also take part in the action organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces (NUSD).

In the previous week in the social networks on the Internet there was active agitation with an appeal to citizens to participate in the rally.

At the same time, the authorities took measures to prevent the mass action of the rally: for all the week there were reports of arrests, arrests, calls to the police, dismissals from the work of the representatives of the Popular Front, the Democratic Party, the Classic Popular Front, the Movement "Muslim Unity" and others. The opposition rally under the same slogan was held on September 23. It demanded that the Azerbaijani Prosecutor's Office investigate the facts set forth in the OCCRP's international journalistic network investigation of money laundering from Azerbaijan through companies registered in the UK. -06B-

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