Russian community of Azerbaijan condemned the pressure on Azerbaijanis in Russia

National Council of the Russian community of Azerbaijan ( RCA ) has issued a statement which expressed regret over the use by certain forces of the tragic incident of murder of a Muscovite Yegor Shcherbakov for inciting ethnic hatred.

RCA statement was read out by the head of the RCA, a member of parliament Mikhail Zabelin at a press conference in Baku on October 24.

The document expresses deep condolences to the family of the deceased. It is further noted that the emotional behavior of the residents of Biryulevo during the protest was perturbed by the expanding illegal labor migration and was aimed at workers who do not have to do with this tragic event.

"Pogrom of the stores and retail outlets, the excesses of young people , the violence committed during the arrest of the alleged perpetrator , later broadcast on television channels and the Internet, and artificially fanned in all media biased with an emphasis on the nationality of the alleged offender, served one target – to stir up public opinion, artificially inflate the arisen situation, strengthen the trend toward xenophobia, and sow mutual dislike. In this case, the Russian media acted as an accomplice in the formation of public opinion negative towards people of non-Slavic nationality, contrary to common sense," the statement says.

"Azerbaijan has become a home to us, where we are not pressed - moreover Azerbaijan in every way helps preserve our cultural and spiritual space. There's never a national or religious affiliation with the subject of any criminal and media do not artificially inflate this and do not put in jeopardy the ethnic peace. At the same time, Russia, our historical homeland, is a multinational state and care about its credibility. Russian Azerbaijani always with attention and empathy relate to events taking place in Russia, especially those that may harm relations between the two nations and, in turn, try to contribute to the cause of friendship and mutual understanding," the statement reads.

The document's authors hope that Russia will give the public a correct assessment of what happened and the government will take measures to prevent an inter-ethnic conflict, this tragic incident will be objectively resolved in the legal field and the authorities will do everything to prevent the development of nationalist tendencies, xenophobia and discrimination.

Zabelin said that this statement is directed to the head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots Leonid Slutsky and other Russian structures.

In addition, in early November, the RCA delegation will travel to Russia ROA, together with the representatives of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress, intends to hold a meeting with officials from Russia, the head of the Interior Ministry and the Mayor of the capital of the Russian Federation with a view to resolving the existing problems.

Referring to the situation of Azerbaijanis in Russia, Zabelin said that 90% of them are law-abiding citizens, who participate in the life of the country, contributing to its economic development and even performing heroic deeds, as the young man who saved three girls at the expense of his own life (Salam Naghiyev rescued three girls in the Lyubertsy area this summer).

Azerbaijan is home to about 120,000 Russians. RCA includes 78,000 people. -06D-


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