Mahir Quliyev. Açiq məmbələrdən

Mahir Quliyev. Açiq məmbələrdən

Baku / 01.05.20 / Turan: The country's State Security Service (SSS) two days later reported the details of the detention of the head of the Bilasuvar district, Mahir Guliyev.

The SSS message dated May 1 says that Guliyev, through his first deputy Khanlar Mammadov, unlawfully appropriated funds allocated for social assistance to people in need. Other funds allocated to the executive branch were also appropriated.

His assistant Pohran Shahbazov and other subordinates extorted money from lower-ranking officials, civil servants and local entrepreneurs.

There is evidence that Mahir Guliyev appropriated funds transferred to cards for unemployed and low-income citizens who were involved in community service. A part of the funds allocated by the state for improvement work in the district was also appropriated.

Mahir Guliyev was detained by the SSS after receiving another bribe in his office on April 29. He is prosecuted under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan for abuse of power, repeated bribes and embezzlement, the SSS said.

The day before, the court arrested Mahir Guliyev for 4 months. -02D-


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