Zamin Salayev

Zamin Salayev

Baku/12.05.23/Turan: The trial of Zamin Salayev, the chairman of the Salyan district organization of the Popular Front Party, commenced on May 11 at the Garadagh district Court. Salayev has been on a hunger strike for 94 days, demanding his release. According to the PFPA, during the hearing, Salayev reiterated his innocence, denying the accusation of assaulting the victim with a knife. The PFPA believes that the charges against Salayev were fabricated as a means to punish him for his opposition activities.

The United States Embassy, closely monitoring Salayev's case, urged the Azerbaijani authorities to release him, asserting his unjust detention. A spokesperson from the U.S. Embassy, speaking to Turan news agency, stated, "We are aware of reports that Alizamin Salaev is on a hunger strike. We continue to closely follow his case.

The United States remains strongly committed to advancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.  We call on authorities to take steps consistent with Azerbaijani’s obligations under its own constitution and international agreements to protect citizens’ rights. 

The United States continues to call on Azerbaijani authorities to release all individuals unjustly or arbitrarily detained for exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms."-0--

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