US State Department Welcomes Azerbaijan's Efforts to Fight Terror

Baku / 20.09.18 / Turan: In 2017, Azerbaijan was an active partner of the United States in the fight against terror and took real steps in this direction, stated the annual report of the US State Department on the state of the fight against terror in the world in 2017. The report indicates that the authorities were active in identifying and repelling terrorist threats inside the country and outlying territories of Azerbaijan.

The role of the Azerbaijani State Security Service is noted, which together with the Border Service, Customs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs solves security issues, suppresses attempts by terrorists to use the country's territory to transport weapons, fighters and money.

Last year, the State Security Service prevented several attempts of terror by religious extremists, destroying their organizers. Thus, religious terrorists were destroyed during operations on January 27, February 1 and August 28. On October 27, four Azerbaijanis were arrested, who fought in Syria and Iraq. At the same time, the report noted that the attempts to get information from lawyers or relatives of the above-named persons were futile. -16D-

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