Shahin Hasanli: Radicals discredit Islam

Incitement to hatred between the trends in Islam contradicts the ideas of religion. The basic idea of ​​the Koran is precisely in uniting Muslims around shared values. If a group of people using the slogans of religion, makes a split, it is contrary to the fundamental principles of Islam. Underlying all this nihilism is ignorance.

This opinion was expressed in an interview with Turan of the head of the community mosque Meshedi Dadash, head of the public association "national values​​" theologian Haci Shahin Hasanli.

For the first time in the history of Islam divisive slogans were used by Khawarij, who treacherously murdered Imam Ali.

Citing verses of the Quran, they announce those, who they do not like, kafir, justifying their murder.

Despite the fact that it is already the 21st century, the proponents of these ideas are still in the razrushitelstvom, opposing each other Muslims, said Hasanli.

How can Islamic theologians oppose an ideology and activities of such groups as the "Taliban," "Al-Qaeda", "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant?"

In answering this question, Gasanli, called these groups 'political', which simply use religion.

He believes that in the formation of these groups a role was played by Western circles interested in the split of the Islamic world.

         As for the assessment, the Islamic theologians periodically give their assessment, but it is necessary to organize.

"Theologians from the Shiites and Sunnis should openly declare that these groups are not related to Islam. Religious leaders must show unity in this regard the words and deeds," said Hasanli.

He expressed regret that often in the views of the Muslim religion mixed in superstition and obscurantism. Radical groups belong to the religion based on the obscurantism.

Fertile ground for them to become people who are prone to destruction and not creation.

Gasanli pointed to the wrong radicals and interpreting the concept of "jihad".

In the verses of the Quran jihad involves consolidation of Muslims to fight against those who break the unity of Islam.

  "If some of the forces begin a war against humanity, what kind of religion can be said? Verses related to jihad do not include aggression, and are defensive in nature. Their logic is: "Fight against those who attack you," said Hasanli.

The Prophet Muhammad did not consider martyrs who fought for the sake of production.

According Gasanli, in today's world is growing interest in Islam, the Muslim world is growing intelligence.

  "To ease the process and discredit Islam and created such groups. The external appearance and their actions under the banner of religion scare people and creates a negative perception of Islam "- said Gasanli.

In Azerbaijan, now there is no problem of confrontation between Sunnis and Shiites, that it was not in the future, representatives of movements to carry out joint activities, speak with one voice on various issues, says theologian.

Answering the question of the participation of young people from Azerbaijan to combat members of terrorist groups, Gasanli urged to study the reasons for this.

One of the reasons he called "ignorance." "Advocacy and Islam must be improved. This will narrow the field for the radicals.

In addition, religious leaders must meet the religious needs of the citizens. That is, they must have a level and behave like people to believe them. Otherwise, the youth will come under external influence, which serve different political interests, believes Gasanli.

In most religions there are no drawbacks. The problem is the perception of people.

"In the Koran there are no flaws, they are in our approach to religion. In this sense, I believe that serious reforms are necessary.

In the first place, it is necessary to improve the thinking of religious figures. They should have a modern and rich outlook. Language of religion, too, must change - be simple and accessible. Religious leaders should also have expertise in other areas.

Interpretation of the Qur'an should be based on the scientific method, are therefore not permitted voluntary interpretation.

Religion itself must adapt the trend of the time, but that does not mean a change in its appearance.

Imam Ali said: "Nurture children in accordance with their time, as they are most children of their time, rather than your children."

According to Hasanli, a divergence of views on religion between Sunnis and Shiites should be treated properly in the context of pluralism and respect for different opinions.

Prophet Muhammed never cursed idol worshipers who threw stones at him, and prayed to Allah to put them on the right path.

He also recognized the right to stay in Medina in the minority of the Jews.

That is, Muhammad was very tolerant, so the Muslims should follow this attitude, said Hasanli. -05C06--.

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