Arsonist Patient of Drug Addiction Combat Center Arrested

Baku / 06.03.18 / Turan: In the case of the fire in the Baku Drug Addiction Combat Center, which caused 25 human victims, a patient of this institution Muhammad Mammadov was detained. He was treated here with a diagnosis of "mental and behavioral disorders due to alcohol intake". This is stated in a joint report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan.

During the initial interrogation, Mammadov confessed to committing the crime. He said he decided to commit self-immolation in protest against the prejudiced attitude towards him by relatives who placed him in the drug center.

On March 2, at about 6 am, he wrapped himself in a blanket and set fire to it, but after the flame grew stronger, he changed his mind and left the blanket. Afraid that the fire began to spread, he ran out of the room as soon as the doors of the ward opened.

This was confirmed by testimony and records of security cameras, the report said.

A criminal case was launched against Mammadov under art. 120.2.4 (Intentional homicide in a particularly dangerous way), 120.2.7 (killing 2 or more persons), 120.2.9, (killing a person in a helpless state) and 186.2.2 (destruction of another's property by arson).

The arsonist has been arrested. Comprehensive forensic psychiatric and drug examination have been appointed.

Meanwhile, the identification of corpses in the Association of Forensic Medical Examination of Pathological Anatomy continues and the bodies are transferred to their relatives.

Today another 3-4 bodies are expected to be handed over. Currently, there are 10-11 corpses in the morgue. Due to applications by the relatives, the bodies will be transferred to them. -05D-

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