Ilham Aliyev: Strict Social Control Necessary

Baku / 04.24.19 / Turan: All state officials, chief executives, chairmen of municipalities, and officials working in all state organizations should serve citizens, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said yesterday during a meeting with local residents at the opening ceremony of the Mardakian - Gala highway.

"I have repeatedly said this. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere, and there are cases when people are hurt, their rights are violated, and their problems face an indifferent attitude. You know that I am in constant contact with the citizens. I hear from them both about the problems and about the positive sides. Therefore, every government official should know that his main task is to serve the citizens, this is also my requirement. But to achieve this, very strict public control is needed," Aliyev stressed.

Therefore, he continued, it is necessary to talk about issues that worry people, about mistakes and shortcomings that exist. "They should be reflected in the appeals so that we can resolve these issues. I am sure that it will be so. All government officials should be aware that they must serve citizens in good faith. This is the main task that I put before each appointed head of the executive branch," the President said. -06d--

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