Media Review - February 25, 2019

The development of infrastructure in the country, the reasons for the rise in prices on the housing construction market, and a look at the official statistics are the leading topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the development of infrastructure in the country, which is one of the priorities of the state. The author quotes from the speech of President Ilham Aliyev "Azerbaijan should use its geographical position and become one of the international hubs".

From energy exports in 2018, Azerbaijan received $ 10 million. The commissioning of the North-2 power station this year will be continued by the construction of other power plants. In 2018, 2 thousand kilometers of road were built, and in general, since 2004, 15 thousand km of road has been stretched. 38 cities of the country are fully supplied with water, and in 12 cities, work in this direction continues.

The newspaper Yeni Musavat writes about the reasons for the rise in prices on the housing market. According to the expert, at present, the income level of citizens does not correspond to the purchasing power. At the same time, there are such influential companies that do not allow prices to fall in the market, despite the fact that over the period 2015-2018, market supply declined. In order for prices to fall, market supply must increase. Expenditures affecting the cost of selling apartments should decrease, and the construction sector should be liberalized, the expert believes.

The website writes that the State Statistics Committee falsifies data. The economist Neymat Aliyev claims that in January 2019 per capita income decreased by 11 manat 70 kopecks or 3%. The living standard in the country decreased 4.6%. The nominal total incomes of the population also decreased, the expert believes.

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