Media Review for May 12, 2020

The likelihood of an extension of the quarantine regime, the situation with unemployment, and the fate of deposits in four closed banks are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the ongoing fight against the Corona Virus, about the need to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, and the presence of social irresponsibility in society.

Until May 31, a relaxed quarantine regime was announced in the country, after which the number of Corona Virus infections increased. This creates the danger of a second wave of pandemic in the country.

The website Yeni writes about the serious problem of unemployment in the country. Officially, the country has 5% unemployment - this is approximately 500 thousand people. However, in view of the Corona Virus, 600 thousand unemployed received one-time assistance in the amount of 190 manat. At the same time, about 2 million people turned for help. The pandemic has shown that official statistics on unemployed do not reflect reality.

The website discusses the issue of deposits left in four closed banks - Atabank, AGBank, NBCBank and Amrah Bank. In these banks, the total amount of deposits is 680 million manats.

If the banks have lost these deposits, then they no longer exist. Confidence in banks continues to fall, so 800 million manats of deposits were withdrawn by depositors within one month.


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