Mehman Huseynov calls on the head of state to intervene in his case

Baku/21.01.19/Turan: Pro-government websites published in the afternoon of January 21, an appeal by the convicted blogger Mehman Huseynov to the head of state.

In this text, on behalf of the blogger, it is stated that during the period of serving the sentence, there were no incidents between the prison staff.

"I have always tried to follow the regime. However, on December 26 last year, an incident occurred in an institution where I was serving a sentence, and they accused me. I would not want to take your time describing this incident in detail. I just want to say that it is not my fault in what happened. I did not strike a prison officer," the text says.

The text further says: "On March 2, my sentence expires. I was really looking forward to this date. I do not want to be convicted again and given a new punishment. As I noted earlier, I am not responsible for someone"s act. But I also do not want anyone to use my position in their own interests. I am interested in only one thing - to go free. If I am sentenced to a new punishment, it will be a big blow to my lonely 70-year-old father. It is very difficult for him to see me in such a state, to visit me often.

I ask you to give instructions for the proper conduct of the investigation. I am sure that if you intervene, the decision in my case will be fair," the text says.

In turn, the head of the press service of the Prison Service, Mehman Sadigov, confirmed Turan that the letter was sent by the blogger through the administration of jail N 14, where he is serving a term. -02D-

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