Outdoor cafes disappeared in the center of Baku

In the last few days, outdoor cafes suddenly disappeared from the center of Baku. So was the fate of the always crowded Shaurma N 1 and Mado in Torgovaya (Trade) Street. Their chairs and tables with umbrellas were removed, and the service is conducted indoors now.

   In the administrations of these objects, they explain it with the orders of the authorities, but do not specify whose order it was that motivated the action with preserving "face of the city."

 Employees of the cafes recognize that the elimination of the open areas hit their business. They also draw attention to the selectivity of these measures. Thus, the "image of the city" somehow does not suffer from the open part of the Double Cafe, which is directly next to Shaurma-1.

  In the Double Cafe they explained this with the fact that they have "correct documents and procedures."

The officials came to them from the Control Department for the Baku Improvement. "In our records there are no problems, so we continue to service outdoors," he said.

In Sabail District Executive Power they recommended to apply for comments to the Baku Department of Trade and Services. However, that office was unable to provide comments.

    We can assume that this is the result of a voluntary decision of some influential persons. For example, to open a similar institution in the city center and close it may be a deal of a very limited number of people.

        Some time ago, many residents of Baku were no less surprised when, using machinery, the authorities suddenly broke the open part of the elite club restaurant Mamounia in Hajibekov Street. -16B06-



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