Press Review 10/20/2017

The results of the Geneva meeting on the Karabakh problem, ways to solve problem loans, and the situation in the domestic healthcare are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the October 16 Geneva meeting of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia on the settlement of the Karabakh issue. The author emphasizes that this is the 22nd meeting between the Presidents and reminds of previous meetings in Vienna and St. Petersburg. The current talks, the author notes, have been closely watched by both by the OSCE and the UN. The author also gives his views on the high-level Geneva meeting. The author notes that unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan hopes only for itself. It was emphasized that the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict must occur within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

The newspaper Echo published an article titled Azerbaijan Offers Solutions for Problem Loans. In no country of the world there is a specific law On Problem Loans and it should not be accepted in Azerbaijan either. Today, at the overwhelming majority of banks, the share of problem loans in the total loan portfolio is at least 10%. There is a law On Banks in the country, and there are fundamental rules adopted by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan and the Financial Market Supervision Authority. These acts are not perfect and need improvement, but they cannot be considered unacceptable. The Milli Majlis, the Executive Power and, in general, the Government can take measures to reduce the level of problem loans and provide assistance to both scrupulous borrowers and banks.

The newspaper Novoye Vremya published an article titled Accessibility and Quality of Medical Services - Key to Success. Recently, information has been received that health care in Azerbaijan could become payable. However, many took it for granted, since our medicine is only formally considered free, while in reality all medical services have to be paid for. Against the backdrop of these arguments, the author writes about the mortality in the country, occurring directly in hospitals, as well as maternal mortality. So the key to success in health care is its accessibility and high quality of services provided, which is what is lacking now. -0-

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