Press Review 18 08.17

Support for the development of entrepreneurship in the country, the situation in the economy, and the causes of suicide are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan asserts on the improvement of the climate for business and investments, the improvement of legislation for this purpose, and the strengthening of state support. The author also mentions the ban of groundless inspections of entrepreneurs and their facilities.

For the last 6 months, entrepreneurs have been given preferential loans in the amount of AZN 63 million, and in total, more than 2 billion concessional loans have been issued to date.

The Echo published an article titled The Economy of Azerbaijan Broke the Bottom, What to Expect Next? The end of the recession in the economy of Azerbaijan can come in 2018 - true, only in the event that no more mistakes are made. The trajectory of stable growth can be joined exclusively due to the oil sector, the expert believes.

GDP per capita in January-July 2017 amounted to 3.875 million manats (a 2% decline), while the Azerbaijani government predicts economic growth at 1% for 2017. Meanwhile, the expert believes the Azerbaijani economy "broke the bottom" last year . At present, the country is going through an investment crisis. I would like to hope that next year the situation will change for the better. However, it is too early to say that after the recession the economy will follow its growth. The fact is that the economic activity of the population is practically at zero, and solving this issue will take quite a lot of effort and time.

The Novoye Vremya published an article titled A Representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Is Trying to Explain the Cause of Suicides in Azerbaijan. According to the Ministry of Health, 327 cases of suicide, culminating in death, were recorded in Azerbaijan last year. In addition, 470 attempts were made to commit suicide. In 2015, there were 515 cases of suicide and more than 650 suicide attempts. This trend continues this year. Two or three suicide attempts are made only in Baku every day. The reasons are also different - divorce, death of the beloved, conflicts at work, or incurable diseases. It is emphasized that people often take such an extreme step because of financial problems - large debts and outstanding loans. The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that the analysis of suicides and criminal cases initiated by Article 125 (bringing to suicide) of the Criminal Code shows that most of the suicidal people in Azerbaijan are members of problem families or mentally ill, or they suffer from chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, or other serious illnesses.

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