Bakhtiyar Hajiyev

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev

Baku/11.10.23 /Turan: Public activist Bakhtiar Hajiyev, who is under arrest, stopped the hunger strike on the tenth day, the head of the human rights organization "Line of Protection" Rufat Safarov said.

According to him, Bakhtiar stopped the action after persistent requests from relatives, lawyers and human rights activists.

"We asked Bakhtiar to stop the action, not to undermine his health, because he has already carried out long hunger strikes twice. The legal means to restore his rights have not yet been exhausted," Safarov said. It should be recalled that Hajiyev went on hunger strike on October 2 after the court extended his arrest period for another 3 months. The defense declared the illegality of the court's decision, since this verdict violates the deadlines established by law for conducting an investigation.

*Bakhtiar Hajiyev was arrested on December 9, 2022 on charges of hooliganism and contempt of court. On December 15, Hajiyev began a hunger strike demanding his release and stopped it on December 28 after persistent appeals from members of the public.  On January 9, he resumed his hunger strike when the Baku Court of Appeal rejected his request for release. Hajiyev stopped his hunger strike on the 51st day of the hunger strike.

On June 16 of this year, the investigative body charged Bakhtiyar Hajiyev under articles 192 (Illegal entrepreneurship), 193 (False entrepreneurship), 320.1 (For the purpose of using a license or other official document granting rights or releasing from duties) The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Criminal Code. falsification), 320.2 (deliberate use of forged documents), 206.1 (smuggling) and new charges have been brought.

The new charges are based on the claim that Bakhtiar Hajiyev received grants and did not spend them for their intended purpose.

Representatives of the US State Department, the US Helsinki Commission, the European Union, the Council of Europe and a number of international NGOs have repeatedly demanded the release of Bakhtiar Hajiyev from prison.-06D-

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