Ruslan Izzetli Drafted into Army

Baku / 09.05.20 / Turan: The leader of the D18 Movement, Ruslan Izzetli, will be drafted into the army, despite the fact that in 2007 the medical commission declared him unfit for service in peacetime.

Izzetli believes that he is being sent to the army because of his harsh criticism of the Azerbaijani government.

“We have no purpose to evade service. We are always in the struggle for the interests of the people. The prospect of military service will not lead us to abandon our views. However, I want everyone to know: the reason that I was not in the army was health problems.

And the fact that the authorities send me to serve in the army is a political punishment,” Izzetli said.

He intends to appeal to the court and the prosecutor's office.

According to him, the head of the Agdam district department of the State Service for Mobilization and Drafting for Military Service, Elkhan Feyziyev, using his official position, replaced the final act by falsifying the documents.

Izzetli connects the call for service with his political activities. As a candidate for parliamentary elections on February 9, he sharply criticized the authorities and declared falsification of the voting results.

After the election, D18 was evicted from the leased office.

Izzelli said that in 2007 he received a military card indicating his unsuitability for military service in peacetime. In 2019, the medical board confirmed this conclusion.

“On May 6 this year, with the participation of employees of the Agdam Military Commissariat, I underwent an examination in the Central District Hospital of Agdam. According to the results of the examination, an act was drawn up in which “kidney stone disease of the right kidney and microfilia of both kidneys were diagnosed,” Izzetli said.

Nevertheless, despite the conclusion of the doctors, Izzetli was recognized as fit for military service.
The medical commission in Baku came to the same conclusion.

“I told the members of the commission in Baku that changing and falsifying the document is a crime. But this had no effect,” Izzetli noted ... I realized that the order was sent down to punish me,” Izzetli said.

Official structures have not yet commented on this statement by Izzetli. -0-


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