State of Media Normal, One Should Not Expect More - MP

Baku / 03.05.17 / Turan: Although the press freedom in Azerbaijan is not at the level of the requirements of international standards, compared to the countries of the East, this is a good level. This opinion was expressed in a conversation of the MP, former activist of the Popular Front Party Fazil Mustafa with Turan IA.

Assessing the situation in Azerbaijan in this area on the International Free Press Day, he noted the availability of Internet resources, which became the main information provider for the majority of the country's residents.

At the same time, he acknowledged the deterioration of the print media, where there is a narrowing of the market and a lack of advertising.

In addition, he noted the absence of independent television channels, which made discussions of social issues on TV a deficit. "Public opinion is not reflected on TV channels and there is a great need for it," he said.

Answering a question about the death of the journalist Mehman Galandarov in jail on April 29, the MP noted he does not have information on this matter, although he mentioned the official version of suicide.

"If there was an external impact, it causes concern and law enforcement agencies should seriously investigate this," he said.

Concerning the question of blocking several websites by the authorities, the MP said this meant "the end of disproportionate criticism", without specifying what exactly he meant by this.

As for yesterday's arrest of the head of the Internet resource Channel 13, Mustafa believes there was some "illegal action" on the part of the head of this channel.

"Nevertheless, in general, in the current situation, the press can be considered normal, and it is not worth expecting anything more," he concluded. -05B-

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