The dusty fog in Baku exceeded the norm by several times

Baku / 10.08.17 / Turan: As a result of a strong north wind that began in Baku on the morning of August 10, the amount of dust in the air in several places in Baku exceeded the norm by several times, reads the message of the Ministry of Ecology of the country.

"Physico-chemical analyzes of dust samples taken from the air were carried out and it was established that there were no chemical substances in them," the Ministry of Ecology "has calmed". According to monitoring results, an increase in the amount of dust is of a local nature.

It should be noted that this morning almost a sandstorm was observed in some parts of Baku, and in particular Yeni Yasamal. A dusty fog is also over the Sulu-Tepe, the Baku-Sumgayit highway. -05D-

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