The mother of the convicted activist asks for help to Giyas Ibrahimov

Baku / 25.05.17 / Turan: Shura Amiraslanova, the mother of the youth activist Giyas Bayramov, who was sentenced to 10 years, applied to the Ombudsman's Office, the Red Cross, foreign embassies and international human rights organizations. She reported about the unbearable conditions of her son's detention, which caused a serious deterioration of his already poor vision. After the meeting with her son, she was convinced of his grave condition. "I'm afraid for the life and health of Giyas. I have every reason to worry if they cannot even provide normal glasses," she wrote in her appeal. "Do not let Giyas to go blind. This is not only his head, it is the vision of the whole young generation, who does not want to be a slave, but wants to have a normal future. Do not leave one on one who does not reconcile with injustice in this country and defends his human rights and dignity," Amiraslanov writes.

Giyas Ibrahimov and Bayram Mammadov were arrested and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on charges of drug trafficking. The real reason for the arrest was the political inscriptions made by these activists on May 10, 2016 on the monument to Heydar Aliyev in the center of Baku. -02D-

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