There are seven foreigners among the victims in Sheki  (UPDATED)

Baku / 07.07.19 / Turan: The health of four out of 19 affected by the wind breakdown of the branches of the big Chinar tree in Sheki is serious, the press service of the Ministry of Health. Of the 19 victims, seven are foreign tourists, and two of them are citizens of the Russian Federation - Soltanova Sevinj born in 1940 and Soltanova Lachin in 2004.

Also suffered five citizens of Syria: Sarah Hassan, born in 1998, has a closed hip injury.

All other victims, including three seriously injured, are citizens of Azerbaijan.

Elhan Mamedov, born in 1993 has a closed spinal injury, Ilkin Mamedov, born in 1995 has severe traumatic brain injury, fracture of the right leg, Khatira Agamalieva - multi-fragment fractures in the right tibia, traumatic shock. -06B--

* * *

2019 July 14th (Sunday) 14:06:31

Helicopter sent to Sheki (UPDATED)

Sheki / 07.07.19 / Turan: One of the victims needed to be urgently sent to a specialized medical facility in Baku. For this, a helicopter ambulance was sent to Sheki, the head doctor of the hospital told Turan.

* * *

2019 July 14th (Sunday) 13:30:15

Sixteen victims delivered to Sheki hospital (UPDATED)

Sheki / 07.14.19 / Turan: Sixteen victims were delivered to Sheki Central District Hospital, the health of three of them is serious, reported a source in the hospital. Neither doctors nor law enforcement officers do not provide official comments and information about the identity of the victims. Police interfere with the work of journalists in the hospital. -0-

* * *

2019 July 14th (Sunday) 13:04:05

About 20 people were injured in Sheki as a result of a tree falling

Sheki / 07.14.19 / Turan: According to preliminary data, 19 people suffered as a result of the disruption of large Chinar tree in the courtyard of the Khan Palace in the city of Sheki in north-western Azerbaijan.The incident occurred around noon on Sunday. The palace of the Sheki khans is a historical landmark and a week ago was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is always around this historic monument. A squall wind in Sheki and rain piled several trees and tore off large branches of the plane tree in the courtyard of the Khan's palace. According to preliminary data, 19 people were injured, including tourists from other regions of Azerbaijan, as well as travelers from Arab countries. The injured were taken to a local hospital. The scene of the incident cordoned off by the police. -06D--

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