New Study on History of Caucasian Albania

Baku / 13.05.20 / Turan: The Science and Education Publishing House recently released a monograph by Professor Gafar Jabiyev called Girdiman. History and Historical Geography, in Russian.

The book was edited by Academician Yagub Mahmudov. The reviewers of this study are Corresponding Members of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences Veli Aliyev and Jafar Giyas. The billionaire Farhad Ahmedov sponsored the publication of the book, the National Academy said.

The book consists of nine chapters and contains 3 maps, diagrams, images of the monuments of Girdiman, as well as images and drawings of rare archaeological finds.

  The study noted that for many years the Caucasus Research Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences was headed by Academician S.T. Yeremyan, who first introduced into scientific circulation the incorrect localization of the territories of Girdiman.

Yeremyan was one of the first “pioneers” in the deliberate distortion of the history of Albania by the Armenians. "Unfortunately, the attempts of a number of Azerbaijani historians involved in the history of Albania to refute the erroneous localization of Girdiman failed," the report said.

 Professor Gafar Jabiyev on the basis of serious scientific arguments substantiates the location of the Girdiman province in Shirvan, in particular, in the Agsuchay-Girdimanchay-Goychay river basin.

Referring to ancient and medieval sources, the author focuses on toponyms confirming the localization of historical Girdiman territories in Shirvan.

The monograph is intended for historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, as well as a wide readership.    -06B-


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