The rapid reformation of the regime in Iran is impossible - an expert

Baku / 04.01.17 / Turan: Protests surrounding Iran were caused by socio-economic reasons, political analyst Tofig Abbasov said in an interview with the Cətin sual program of the Turan agency. In his view, in recent years, the Iranian government and religious leadership have paid more attention to regional problems, and the country's economic issues have been neglected. This led to an aggravation of social problems, and an increase in youth unemployment, which exceeded 30%. As for statements about the impact of the external factor on events in Iran,

Abbasov believes that in the early days prospective put forward economic demands and only then began to appear political. The Iranian leadership, and in particular the supreme leader Ali Hamenei, said that the process is managed from outside. However, external forces also gave rise to this. In particular, the President, the Prime Minister of Israel and others expressed their active support to the protesters, promising them assistance.

However, Iran will not abandon its policy towards Syria and Iraq, where much resources have been mobilized. If Iran stops all this, it will make a big mistake in foreign policy. In any case, today's processes can not force the Iranian government to carry out reforms overnight, but we should expect the authorities to pay more attention to social problems and support to low-income groups. The authorities will have to eliminate the disproportion in the allocation of funds to solve foreign policy problems and internal problems, spending more efficiently, Abbasov said. -03D06--

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