Why does no one tell the officials "Stop!"

Baku/15.07.22/Turan: In recent days, after the veteran Elvin Jafarov set himself on fire in front of the building of the Executive Power of Sabirabad, issues related to bureaucratic arbitrariness and red tape have become one of the main ones on the agenda.

It is believed in society that officials representing the executive structures bring people to such a state that they see a way out in demonstrative suicide. Statistics only confirm the horror of this situation. According to unofficial data, after the end of the 44-day war, 36 veterans committed suicide, and more than 50 veterans attempted suicide.

Why are not  these issues being investigated? Why do officials who have driven people to suicide remain in their posts?

Mirali Huseynov, chairman of the public association Studying Democracy, talks about this  in the “Difficult Question” program.

According to him, if we trace Azerbaijan's independence from the very beginning, it is easy to make sure that bureaucratic arbitrariness has always been in our country.

“Unfortunately, this has become a hallmark of Azerbaijan's public administration system. Simply, at times the wave of bureaucratic arbitrariness intensified, and then gradually weakened. Of course, up to a certain level. Then, it began to intensify again,” Huseynov noted.

However, in his opinion, in recent years bureaucratic arbitrariness has been increasing more and more, and the impunity of officials is becoming more and more obvious.

“But this is natural, because there is no system or any mechanism to prevent this. The reason for bureaucratic arbitrariness is the  absence  of a normal system of state administration. There are 86 heads of executive power in Azerbaijan, and unfortunately there is not a single one among them who could be considered a normal manager. The whole society is dissatisfied with them,” the expert noted.

In his opinion, generational change is not able to solve this problem,

“There are also representatives of the younger generation among the heads of the  Executive Power. However, they are not much different from the "old men". This indicates a systemic problem. Unfortunately, the system of governance that exists in the country leads to the violation of the law, i.e. Azerbaijan has never been able to become a state of law.

Violation of the balance of the system of state power, the concentration of power in only one of its branches, the formation of a mediocre, irresponsible, faceless parliament and at the same time a judicial system that does not respect the law just led to the current deplorable situation,” Huseynov explains.

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