Azerbaijanis in intellectual club HP CIS

Baku/25.10.13/TURAN : In Kiev there was the first meeting of the club HP Smart CIS countries , with the participation of journalists from Ukraine, Azerbaijan , Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

As stated in the Belarusian newspaper " Telegraph > (, was opened by Russian TV Artem Korolev, talked about how, with the help of modern gadgets to combine work with leisure , life on the job status and achieve success : " In 2020, employers will be looking for professionals with a" meta - qualified . " That is, having excellent communication skills , able to resolve conflicts , focused on the search for optimal solutions , sustainable and flexible , in addition to technical skills , cosmopolitan , understanding different cultures and the main trends of the modern world . "

The second part of the event was held in the format of the game in the brain ring on IT topics. The journalists were competing for the title of high-tech experts , and in the middle of the game was a presentation of a new laptop -transformer based on Android for entertainment and HP SlateBook 10 x2.

High-performance notebook with a full-size keyboard , if necessary can be easily transformed into a mobile tablet that is equally convenient to take with you on trips as well as at the business meeting , always staying in the rhythm of the city.

" Today's users want to easily access information and share it in any place, at any time , using the most convenient device connected to the Internet , - said Victor Gunchenko , category manager of HP laptops in Ukraine. And our new notebook -transformer will provide the necessary mobility for efficient and convenient for entertaining . "

HP SlateBook 10 x2 - the first computer with a detachable keyboard equipped with a mobile processor NVIDIA Tegra, offering a more realistic simulation games, fast loading of web pages , watching videos in high quality HD and access to applications TegraZone.

The latest OS Android Jelly Bean 4.2 , and services from Google, including Google Now, Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and Google+ Hangouts for video conferencing, access to applications and digital content in Google Play, guarantee that will not have to sacrifice functionality for the sake of portability.

High-resolution touch-screen display with a diagonal of 10.1 inches provides high image quality , accurate color , and the absence of glare. HP SlateBook 10 x2 is equipped with a 32 -gigabyte storage system eMMC and DTS Sound + Solution for access to photos , videos and music. -17D-


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