Inequitable distribution of funds NFES


Baku/25.01.13/Turan National Entrepreneurship Support Fund released a report on the allocation of funds for the year 2012. According to the document, 84% of finance provided for the implementation of 63 major projects, that is, each of these projects received at least 10 million manat. These include a number of projects related to the holdings, which have their own banks.

In 2012 and in previous years, huge budget funds were used to finance large projects such holding companies as "Gilan Holding", "Azersun Holding", "ZQAN Holding", etc., which includes commercial banks .

Member of the coalition "National Budget Group" Gubad Bayramov believes this approach to the allocation of funds NFES not fair. "I believe that the provision of large financial resources for the implementation of such holding companies is an example of inefficient use of the state budget," he said.

According to the expert, the government should consider the principles of allocation NFES to eliminate these phenomena, when the holding company with banking institutions that provide loans to private businesses at commercial interest rates as high as 25%, and enjoy preferential government loans at 5%. - 08B-


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