Azerbaijan Addresses Beach Pollution Concerns Amid Blue Flag Aspirations

Azerbaijan Addresses Beach Pollution Concerns Amid Blue Flag Aspirations

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan has responded to an information request from the Turan News Agency regarding the possibility of Azerbaijani beaches receiving the prestigious Blue Flag certificate. The request was reviewed by the State Environmental Safety Service, which provided updated information on the current situation and the measures taken.

The Ministry clarified that it does not hold the authority to grant legal status to beaches, establish centralized beach access centers, set tariffs, manage beach areas, or assign special quality certificates. These tasks fall outside the Ministry's jurisdiction. However, the Ministry remains committed to addressing environmental issues, particularly those related to water pollution on the Caspian Sea beaches.

The Ministry conducts regular environmental monitoring of enterprises and organizations operating along Azerbaijan's Caspian Sea coast. This effort includes strict oversight of wastewater management practices to prevent pollution. As a result of these activities, numerous legal actions have been taken against violators.

In the Garadagh region, several settlements, including Alat, Sahil, Puta, Sangachal, Gobustan, and Lokbatan, faced legal action for environmental violations. Similarly, in the Khazar region, fines were imposed on entities in Buzovna, Badamdar, and Bibiheybat. The Sabunchu district saw 11 individuals fined, while one legal entity in Binagadi was also penalized.

The city of Sumgayit witnessed enforcement actions against six production facilities and two public catering establishments due to deficiencies in wastewater management. These measures are part of the broader initiative to ensure environmental compliance along the Caspian Sea coast.

With the beach season underway, the Ministry continues to exercise state control over wastewater and solid waste management in recreational and public catering facilities along the Caspian Sea. This ongoing vigilance aims to uphold environmental standards and improve the quality of Azerbaijan's coastal areas.

While the Ministry's current scope does not include direct management of beach certification processes, the ongoing efforts to monitor and improve environmental conditions are crucial steps toward achieving higher standards. The Ministry's actions reflect a commitment to safeguarding the Caspian Sea and its beaches, potentially paving the way for future Blue Flag status.

The response from the Ministry underscores the importance of collective efforts and inter-agency cooperation to address environmental challenges and enhance the quality of Azerbaijan's beaches.

The article "Will Azerbaijani Beaches Raise Blue Flags" was published on May 5 this year. Due to the lack of reaction to the article, an information request was sent on June 4 to the Ministry of Ecology, the State Agency for Tourism, the executive authority of the Khazar district, JSC Azersu.

The Ministry of Ecology sent a response to Turan on June 12 at the time prescribed by law – no more than 7 days. The other recipients did not respond to the request. 

On June 12, another article " Sewerage, water supply and Illegal pipes" was published. There is no reaction yet. Apparently, you will have to send regular information requests.


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