Agyl Humbatov Not Released from Mental Hospital

Baku / 03.05.20 / Turan: The activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Agyl Humbatov will be forced to remain in the Republican Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 for another month.

This was reported to Turan by his wife Aygun Humbatova.

“The doctors told my husband that he would be discharged on May 2. Yesterday I, waited for Agyl in vain and so had to call the hospital. Agyl said that the doctors told him that he should stay for another month, as allegedly he was "not healthy." This decision was made by the so-called “commission” that examined Agyl, ”said Aygun Humbatova.

According to her, the activist had previously told her that if he was not released in early May, he would begin a hunger strike.

Turan’s attempt to get comments at the Republican Psychiatric Hospital failed.

On March 30, Humbatov was placed in a mental hospital after his criticism of the country's leadership in the social networks. But he was released by court order on April 1.
In social networks Humbatov talked about the circumstances of his detention and criticized the situation in the psychiatric hospital, inhuman treatment of patients, terrible sanitary conditions, and poor nutrition. After that, on April 2, he was re-placed in the mental hospital.

Human rights activists regarded Humbatov’s placement in the psychiatric hospital as a relapse of Soviet practice, when dissidents were similarly persecuted.   —06D-


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