Kuradahani jail accepts the transfer to Leyla Yunus

Jamil Hasanli, a Chairman of the National Council and a family friend of Leyla Yunus, MD Azad Isazade visited Kurdakhani jail. They took the package to human rights activist Leyla Yunus. According to Jamil Hasanli, they also requested a meeting with Yunus, but this was denied, but did not exclude that there will be such an opportunity in a week.  

The Kurdakhani jail for the first time accepted the package for Yunus after the arrest of her husband Arif Yunus on August 5; previously a package was transferred  to Arif Yunus  who is in the  jail of the  National Security Ministry.

The spouses  are accused of treason, and a number of economic crimes.

Amnesty International recognized them as “prisoners of conscience.”- 06D—

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