Pashinyan urged еру Karabakh people not to support their former leaders

Baku / 21.05.19 / Turan: Internal political tensions in Armenia continue after a court decision to change the preventive measure to former President Kocharyan. After that, Prime Minister Pashinyan called upon to block the courts, and then he announced that a counter-revolution was being prepared and Karabakh could become its base.

On Tuesday, Pashinyan held a government meeting where he said that an investigation commission of the parliament should be set up to study the circumstances of the hostilities in April 2016, local media reported.

Pashinyan called on the population of Karabakh to say an unequivocal "no" to the forces, "sowing hatred between the two parts of the Armenian people."

Without naming specific names, he at the same time made it clear that he meant the supporters of the ex-presidents of Armenia Kocharyan-Sargsyan, who are trying to "avoid responsibility for the crimes committed earlier and are plotting," Pashinyan said.-0--

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