Рубен Варданян

Рубен Варданян

Baku/03.11.22/Turan: Russian billionaire Ruben Vardanyan, recently appointed "state minister", which in the illegal separatist government of Karabakh is equal to the position of prime minister, gave a lengthy interview to the Russian Kommersant.

Vardanyan avoided anti-Azerbaijani statements, as his predecessor often did. There is no demonstration of the intention of military revenge in his words.

The new leader of the separatists focused on the socio-economic and military security of the Armenians of Karabakh.

"...I do not want to tell the program of actions step by step ..., it is very important that these decisions are not hasty and thoughtless, but very balanced. It is very important not to harm, not to upset the balance that exists in society. The main task is to make a person living in Artsakh feel that he is protected, that he has the opportunity to give his children a good education, has normal medical care, has a job and the opportunity to realize his aspirations," Vardanyan said.

When it comes to relations with Azerbaijan, he chooses very cautious formulations:

"... the formula I proposed — to live side by side, but not together, means that we understand and accept that we are in the neighborhood of people with whom we have very difficult relationships. But we must find both the strength and the will to ensure that, while preserving the accumulated very serious negativity and danger that comes from the neighbor, we learn to build relationships with him, so that he understands that it is more profitable for him, it is more correct to coexist, and not try to destroy."

The only unambiguous thing in his statements is the obligation to take into account the opinion of Karabakh Armenians when discussing their fate:

"I think there is definitely only one question — the future of Artsakh, the future of the people living on this land, should be determined and resolved with their participation. And in this sense, any negotiations that are currently underway cannot take place without Artsakh... The leadership of the Republic of Armenia has no mandate to decide for Artsakh how they will live."

Vardanyan considers it necessary to keep Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh until the final solution of the problem.

The interview ends with an answer to the question about the "status of Nagorno-Karabakh", which President Aliyev called closed as a result of the war.

Vardanyan says that even if the status is not fully determined in accordance with international law, the preservation of the status quo should be clearly understood and accepted"by the leadership of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people. -0-

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