September 15 � Baku Liberation Day

Baku / 15.09.17 / Turan: Today marks 99 years since the liberation of Baku from the SR-Menshevik government Medium Caspian Dictatorship, the armed units of the Armenian Faction (Dashnaktsutun) party and the British expeditionary group.

On this occasion, yesterday and today the Alley of Martyrs and the Turkish Soldiers Memorial were attended by representatives of the opposition and the employees of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan.

September 15, 1918 the Caucasian Islamic Army led by Nuri Pasha and the national army of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) liberated Baku from the occupation by hostile forces.

After that, the government of ADR declared on May 28, 1918 moved from Ganja to Baku.

During the fighting for the liberation of Baku about a thousand Turkish soldiers and officers and five thousand citizens of Azerbaijan were killed.

Despite the fact that in Baku the power passed into the hands of the ADR government, Karabakh remained under the control of the Dashnaks. The Caucasian Islamic Army was sent to the region and Nuri Pasha went to Agdam to supervise the units. Soon the army he headed entered Shusha and raised the Azerbaijani flag over the city. -03B04-

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