Will Erdogan visit the memorial to the victims of "genocide"?

Yerevan / 12.08.14 / Turan- ArmInfo: On the night of 23 April 24, a large Turkish delegation headed by the new President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Armenia and attend the events in the memorial Tsitsernakaberd. This sensational news was spread to media in Yerevan on August 12 by the expert on regional issues Sarkis Atspanyan, without naming the source.

"This will mark the peak of the list of activities developed in Ankara under a general strategy to deceive the international community and the Armenians. As part of this strategy it provides for the opening of the reconstructed large Armenian Church in Eskisehir and appearance of certain Armenian place names on the map of Turkey. The road leading to the border with Armenia through the Marmara will get the name of Hrant Dink, thus symbolizing the road to peace. Finally, Turkey will pass a law that will allow them to give Turkish citizenship to all the children of the Armenians killed or expelled from the country and now scattered around the world. This law will allow the descendants of genocide victims to participate in elections and even to be elected," he said.

Thus, the expert considers that despite the tough stance of Erdogan against the Armenian issue, he will take such image steps to make it clear to the international community that his Turkey is determined to humanism and the European values​​.

Official Ankara has not confirmed the report. Recall that Turkey denies the fact of genocide, counting the dead in 1915 as victims of the war. During the same period in the Ottoman Empire, Turks and Kurds were killed more than Armenians. -02D-

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