- Aygun, discussions that began even before the start of the 8 March rally, the organizer of which you were, heated after the rally. What is happening? What is the reason and the main point of these discussions?

 - Hot discussions took place after last year’s campaign “March 8 – Oppose Violence” (“Dözmə yürüş et). Therefore, discussions around the last feminist rally did not surprise us. The discussions are quite natural. After all, the fact that the women joined, loudly demanding security of their rights, showing courage, does not fit perfectly with the image of silent, timid women forced to ask for the restoration of their rights.

-Some slogans raised during the march aroused the discontent and protest of many. Even after the rally, the pro-government media discussed the slogans, accusing the organizers of the action and the feminist movement for these slogans. Did these slogans fit your goals? If not, why did not you oppose their raising during the action?

-All the slogans raised during the rally belong to the people themselves, and the censorship of the organizers for self-expression, if there is no prejudice or discrimination, the hate speech, will contradict both the freedom of expression, feminist ideology, and the nature of the traditional March 8 March.

- According to the statement of the official representative of the prosecutor's office, many will be involved in interrogation, including journalist Khadija Ismailova. Is it possible to say that the government is deliberately trying to accuse someone of organizing the rally?

-Yes, linking the attempted suicide with the march, as well as mentioning the name with Khadija Ismayilova, who is not related to the rally, the official representative of the prosecutor's office confirms the existence of such a goal. 

-Could it be that everything that happens - that is, slogans, discussions, action, suicide and a criminal case, interrogations related to this, are part of a pre-written script? What do you think about this? After all, such versions are voiced.

- It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously, however, we have repeatedly witnessed how specially instructed provocateurs were delivered to the venue in order to de-credit it. Those who are concerned about the expansion of our movement may have changed the form of provocation, and these events could occur naturally. However, linking the interrogations with the action announced by the prosecutor’s office and the incident on a personal basis was clearly rigged.

-According to research, in society feminism is ambiguous. What needs to be done to explain correctly to society the importance of feminism, as well as women's rights? What steps should the government take? What measures should activists take? What should women do?

- The idea of ​​the full equality of men and women is perceived ambiguously.  In this sense, Azerbaijani society is no exception. For centuries, the formed patriarchal system responds to this idea with reflexive aggression. In order to correctly explain feminism to society, the government must first conduct educational work, identify the sexist content of textbooks, the rhetoric of hatred and discrimination on television and other media, and ratify the Istanbul Convention in our country, which provides for combating domestic violence. This is only a small part of the necessary measures to eliminate gender-based violence and discrimination.

And active supporters of feminism should try to strengthen the recognition of discrimination on a gender basis, constantly put on the agenda direct and positive obligations of the state, and organize public control over whether they are being implemented or not.

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