Fatimə Mövlanlı

Fatimə Mövlanlı

There is no second such politician and journalist in the number of detentions by the police, as Obyektiv TV reporter, Fatima Movlanly. The last time she was taken to the police station on March 19, 2019, the photograph was taken by Fatima in a police car. We asked her questions about her interesting life.

- You can say you were in all Baku police stations. How did they treat you - the same way, or are the policemen are different?

- Honestly, I was detained so much that I do not remember how many times it happened. Probably about 20 cases. This list does not include a conviction to an administrative fine and unlawful police detention for several days. The last time I did a video reportage of the rally held in Baku on March 19. Yes, the police can be different - good and bad. But in general, there are so many bad ones, but the number of good ones is so few that they are invisible.

In some departments, they already know me, they detained me several times, and even a kind of "family connection" has formed between us. They try, as far as they possibly can, not to torment me. In other offices, employees know me and respect my position. If there is no indication from above, they are not particularly rude.

But in all offices they forced me to sign fake confessions, sergeants are excessively rude, our detentions are illegal, therefore, even with a polite attitude towards detainees, there is nothing to thank them for. I"m being illegally brought to the police, and I have to thank them?

Police pressure never weakens - I say it note the alleged liberalization taking place in the country. They simply, trying to adjust to the situation, try to look softer not to aggravate people's anger, but can"t do it.

- How does your family, relatives, relatives treat you?

- My family and relatives, respect my fair struggle, and even support; but of course, they worry when I am detained, and live intra-family stress, while we deal with it.

- How to live like this, is it not better to change your lifestyle, change it to a quiet one? Does someone advise you it?

"More often, the police tell me this: "Why do you need police drives?" Find yourself a normal job ... ". I answer: such a life is sweet to me and my people. Why do I need a quiet life if I need to turn a blind eye to injustice, silence the voice of conscience? I do not need such a life. I hate Ilham Aliyev and all dictators. I always said it as much as possible.

- What would you advise to those detained at the police station? How to behave there?

- Arrests are different. If someone is detained during the protest action, then there can be daily administrative arrests and fines. In such cases, you should be as calm and optimistic as possible. Be positive, talk, laugh, show every word and movement that you are not a criminal, but detained by the regime; never be afraid, under no circumstances. If you do this way, then you must be ready for arrests.

If you were arrested on purpose, that is, you have been intentionally slandered, concocted a criminal case, whereas in the first paragraph it was said, you need to remain calm. Other tips remain valid. But the difference is that in the second case there may be torture, the likelihood of this is high. It is not a secret of how act the power structures of the regime and their combat support groups. They have the opportunity to impose any confession on the arrested person. They can torture and threaten the lives of native people. Such methods work until you sign the document they require.

"Once you were in the police for three days, and when you came out from there you stated that you stayed at your girlfriend." Isn't it time to tell the truth?

- After each detention I made the necessary statements. You mean my first arrest, after which I said that I stayed at my friend ... But then I collected my strength and stated that I had to say under strong pressure from the police; I had to lie because the police threatened me with troubles against my family members.

- After a recent pardon, you managed to bypass many of those released in one day, and met with them. How did they feel? How did you manage to see so many people in a day?

- My friends looked great, everyone was excited. I wanted to see as many friends as possible, I don"t know how I did it, probably Allah helped. I wanted to see them and interview them.

- Are you satisfied with Azerbaijani youth? Are there many political activists like you? And how many followers of power are there?

- I can"t be completely satisfied with Azerbaijani youth. If to compare, there are more the opposition young people like me than those who bootlick the president. Those young people who are silent today and prefer to stay away, they are potential oppositionists. This fact allows me to say that we are generally stronger than the regime of I. Aliyev, and will defeat the dictatorship.

I have nothing to do with the young members of the Yeni Azerbaijan party. I do not know them. Most likely, they will read this interview. I would like to tell them that even if they create a million fake profiles in social networks in which they will extol the president, the people still don"t believe them. I know that many of them do it for the sake of money, others to get jobs, someone succumbed to the dirty blackmail of the regime and joined the Yeni Azerbaijan Party. I am truly sorry for them. I appeal to them: before it is too late, take the side of the people because the truth is always stronger than a lie. Do not forget about it. If you do not believe in re-birth, then live this life with dignity. We come into the world once, and after our death the only thing that remains is the memory of people is our deeds. The millions you have are the curses and tears of thousands of orphans. I believe that life is not worth such humiliations. The struggle for holy ideals will sanctify your personality in some time. Everyone will remember you as a courageous, respected person. Life cannot be devoted to stuffing the belly with food, it is more correct to devote the whole life to the people. Think about it. I am sure that if you are understanding to the full depth what has been said, be sure to join our struggle.

- How do you see your future and the future of the country?

- I see the future of the people and my personal life as extremely brilliant. I believe in the imminent establishment of the power of the people in Azerbaijan and struggle in the name of this goal.

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