Akif Çovdarov

Akif Çovdarov

Baku / 30.10.17 / Turan: Today in the Baku military court announced a sentence to a group of former high-ranking officers of the now abolished Ministry of National Security. The main figure - the former head of the Department of Security in the energy and transport spheres, General Akif Chovdarov was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He was accused of 10 articles of the Criminal Code, including such grave crimes as kidnapping, extortion by threats, misappropriation, abuse of office, etc. The prosecutor asked Chovdarov 15 years of imprisonment. Two other officers of the MNB, Salim Mammadov and Akif Aliyev, who were on this case, were sentenced respectively to 11 and 5 years of imprisonment. Personnel cleansing and arrests in the MNS began in October 2015 after the removal of the head of this department Eldar Mahmudov. About 20 senior officers of the department were arrested, and the special service itself was disbanded. On its basis, the State Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service were created.-06D-

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