Певица Фадаи Лачин

Певица Фадаи Лачин

Baku / 30.10.17 / Turan: Singer Fadai Lachin was detained on suspicion of helping runaway prisoners, the Prosecutor General's Office said. She is accused of helping two prisoners - Etibar Mammadov and Ali Agami, who escaped from the Astara-Baku train on October 23 when they were transferred from Lankaran to Baku. With regard to F.Lachin, a measure of restraint was chosen in the form of arrest.

It should be recalled that on 23 October the accused Etibar Mamedov (born in 1980) and Ali Agami (1989), escaped from Lankaran in Baku in a special car, escaped at Baladjari station.

Both are accused of committing particularly serious crimes. Mamedov is charged under Article 234.4.3 (illegal drug trafficking on a large scale). Agami, who had previously been tried, charged under art. 120.2.2 (premeditated murder committed for hooligan reasons) and 228 (illegal possession of firearms).

Last week in the Lankaran Court of Grave Crimes, the prosecutor asked everyone for 19 years of imprisonment. On October 26, Ali Agami was detained and placed in pre-trial detention facility, and the search for Etibar Mammadov continues. As a result of the official check, several officers and employees of the Penitentiary Service were dismissed from the posts and dismissed from the judicial authorities, two employees were arrested. -0-

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