Bakıda Amerika təhsil sərgisi

Bakıda Amerika təhsil sərgisi

Baku / 20.10.17 / Turan: The US Embassy in Azerbaijan organized an educational exhibition. Aссording to the press release, the exhibition is organized with the support of the American Council for International Education and Education USA. The purpose of the exhibition held at the Park İnn Hotel is to inform about the possibilities of getting an education in the US universities, access to American scholarship programs. The US Ambassador Robert Sekuta noted at a meeting with exhibition visitors and representatives of American universities, for a quarter of a century of bilateral relations, 7,000 Azerbaijanis were educated in America. At the current exhibition there are 11 US universities. "The aim of the exhibition is to show young Azerbaijanis ways of getting education in the US and to help in this. Students, getting education in the field of art, foreign languages, technology, how to build bridges between the two countries, and contribute to the development of their country," Sekuta said. According to him, in recent years the number of people wishing to get education in the US is growing. -03C-

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