Buzovna çimərliyi

Buzovna çimərliyi

Baku/03.06.22/Turan: The beach season is already approaching. Because of the hot weather, people are already swimming in the sea.

In previous years, authorities have reported seawater pollution on beaches and non-compliance with standards. But to what extent do beaches currently meet environmental standards?

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources reported that, like every year, this year the department, together with the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, began monitoring beach areas from May 15. “Monitoring is carried out on the territory of Baku, Absheron and beaches located in the northern and southern regions of the Caspian Sea. These observations are made throughout the year, not just during the beach season. Just due to the beach season, monitoring is carried out more intensively."

The department noted that it is determined which beaches, where the season has not yet begun, are more suitable for use. "The results will be made public in the coming days."

It was noted that during the monitoring, sea water samples are taken and the water quality is determined in laboratories. “Both physico-chemical, biological and eco-toxicological analyzes are being carried out. According to these quality results, we determine which beaches are dirtier, relatively less dirty, or clean.”

Taking into account the beginning of the season, extensive monitoring of the beaches was carried out by the department, the executive  power of the city of Baku told Turan.  “Together with the district executive bodies and those responsible for private beaches, extensive work is being carried out to clean up waste on the territory and eliminate existing shortcomings.”

Environmental policy expert Javid Kara said that there are no serious factors influencing the change in the situation in previous years. “Rather, the factor influencing the deterioration of the situation may be that livelihoods are growing, industrial activity is also, the discharge of sewage into the sea continues.”

According to the expert, a clean beach on the Absheron Peninsula can hardly be found. “The Absheron peninsula is small, and if sewage water flows into the sea, it will spread to all the beaches.”

According to him, the statements of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources regarding the monitoring results will be quite optimistic. "The real situation can be much worse than the declared figures."

The ecologist says it's hard to say how accurate the ministry's measurements and research are. “And we don’t have independent laboratories to say exactly what the situation is.”—0—

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