Blogger Rashad Ramazanov, has been detained

Baku / 05.20.22 / Turan: Blogger Rashad Ramazanov, also known as Rashad Agaaddin, has been detained in Azerbaijan.

As the blogger's wife Kenul Ramazanova told Turan, her husband called on May 20 at about 4 pm and said that he was brought to the 14th department of the Sabunchu district police department of Baku.

However, in this department K. Ramazanova was told that her husband was detained by the officers of the Main Directorate for Combating Drugs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and he was taken there.

K. Ramazanova said that she applied to the ombudsman's office and the hotline 102 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to clarify the fate of her husband.

However, the woman has not yet received any official information about the reasons for her husband's detention.

She recalled that in the past her husband had already been arrested once and convicted on a fabricated drug case.

It was not possible to receive comments in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Rashad Ramazanov was arrested in May 2013 and subsequently sentenced to 9 years in prison on charges of large-scale drug trafficking. Local human rights organizations, believing that the real reason for his arrest was criticism of the authorities on social networks, recognized Ramazanov as a political prisoner.

In March 2019, he was released early by presidential pardon. — 21B06-

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