Bloody confrontation because of drugs in Zagatala reserve

Law enforcement agencies in Balakan defused two criminal groups. One of them grew drugs in the Zagatala State Reserve, the other was trying to seize them. Law enforcement officers were on the trail of these groups after the body of an unknown man, who was killed by small arms fire was delivered to the Balakan hospital on October 3.

As said the General Prosecutor of Azerbaijan, the investigation officers of the district prosecutor's office and the police with forensic experts had inspected the scene on the 8th section of the Zagatala State Reserve.

Near the scene there were identified 67 grown plants similar to cannabis, possessing narcotic properties.

Furthermore, there were observed 10.5 kg dried leaves and branches of narcotic plants.

On the fact, the Balakan District Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case under article 120.1 (premeditated murder), 234.2 (manufacture of drugs for sale) 235.4.3 (extortion of drugs with force or threat of use of force), 237.2.1 and 237.2.3 (cultivation of narcotic plants on a large scale in a preliminary conspiracy group of persons or organized group) of the Criminal Code.

As established by the investigation, the villagers in Gerekli Balakan, Tahir Garayev, Elnur Garayev, Elchin Mammadov and Vagif Omarov since May 2014 have grown narcotic plants on the 8th section of the Zagatala State Reserve.

Learning this, their fellow villagers Intigam Umarov and Muhammet Khizriev decided to take possession of these drugs.

They, along with Mansur Heydarzadeh, Rahman Tahmazov, Sahil Guliyev and Avaz Mammadov, made ​​an armed attack on the said section on October 3 about 5:00 a.m. 

 Sahil Guliyev killed Vaghif Omarov with a hunter's gun.

All these members of both groups were arrested and charged under the above articles of the Criminal Code.

Search operations for the establishment of other participants in the crime are continued. -06D--

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