E. Hasanov: behind the violation of prisoners" rights is the head of the Prison Service

Public Alliance "Azerbaijan without Political P expressed concern about the violation of the rights of the arrested human rights activists and other citizens. The Alliance issued a statement on the results of the two-week monitoring of the situation, according to  the  public alliance Elshan Hasanov.

In particular, was mentioned he deterioration of the health of human rights activist Leyla Yunus, rendering her physical and moral pressure from cellmate in the Baku Prison N1. At the same time, the authorities of  jail ignore complaints from Leyla Yunus, and on the contrary, declares her reprimand.

Health problems  have Intigam Aliyev, and the prison authorities established illegal censorship on his correspondence with his lawyers.

Meetings and correspondence with Arif Yunus   who is kept in the  pre-trial prison  of  the  Ministry of National Security  were banned, and the transfer  of food for him is strictly limited.

"I have repeatedly appealed to the leadership of prison  on acceptance  in the prescribed manner, but was refused. We have to admit that all the harassment and restrictions come from the management of the Prison Service. We hoped that our appeals  on the conditions of human rights defenders will be heard, and  relevant measures will be taken. But the reaction of the Prison Service, refuting all violations of the rights of arrested, dispelled all hopes of justice," said Hasanov. The fact of deaths under mysterious circumstances, and suicides in prisons increase anxiety for the fate of human rights defenders.

During the period from 2012 to 2014 more than five deaths  were registered in the institutions of the Prison Service, as well as three cases of suicide, including suicide woman in jail, as well as more than 10 cases of rebellion.

"The only way to appease the relatives of detainees and the public is  to allow members of the public, in accordance with the law, meet with detainees," prisoners of conscience," said Hasanov.

He said that three years ago, when he himself was in jail, the attitude towards the prisoners was much more respectful.

"The prisoners were kept in cells for two. If  they wanted to place some other man,  it was agreed  with the prisoners of  the cell,  they were taken to  the library, to clubs,  their  complaints were  immediately  considered, etc.," said Hasanov.-06D—

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