Media Review - April 24, 2019

The implementation of social projects, the situation in the car market of the country, and the possible impact on Azerbaijan of US oil sanctions against Iran are the leading topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the implementation of social reforms and projects, thanks to which the incomes of the population have grown 4 times. The author cites the words of the head of state Ilham Aliyev that all the incomes of the country will be aimed at improving the social status of citizens. The article talks about raising scholarships for students. The order on this issue covered 576.8 thousand people. To implement this order, an additional 302 million AZN will be required during 9 months of the current year.

The website writes about the situation in the car market. Expert on problems with the import of cars Elmeddin Muradly argues. He considers it necessary to revise customs duties, since the fees do not correspond to today's realities. The head of state issues orders and approves programs for updating the country's car park, importing hybrids, and customs increases state fees. A car bought in Georgia at a cheap price on arrival in Azerbaijan rises in price three times. The principle of "one window" for the registration of a car is "remade" into the principle of "13 windows". It seems that all orders are formal.

The website talks with expert Rovshan Agayev on the topic of how US oil sanctions against Iran will affect Azerbaijan. It is likely that this decision will affect the increase in world prices of the "black gold". The rise in price of oil will increase the financial resources of Azerbaijan. For every 10 dollars of increase, the annual income from oil will be 2-2.5 billion dollars. -0-

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