Media Review for March 17, 2020

The impact of lowering the dollar discount rate on manat, the current manat rate and possible economic consequences, and educational work on the Corona Virus are topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan claims that lowering the discount rate of the dollar will not affect the manat. The United States made this decision to prevent the growth of the cost of a basket of currencies. If the dollar does not get stronger, then this will adversely affect US export opportunities.

As for Azerbaijan, a decrease in the dollar discount rate can only have a psychological effect and the manat to the dollar will remain stable.

The website discusses with the expert Gashgay Ismail the impact of the manat rate on the economy. Recent events on world exchanges suggest that oil will not rise in price in the near future.

Foreign analysts predict that the position of Azerbaijan among oil-dependent countries will be more difficult, given that SOCAR’s external debt is about $ 10 billion.

Unhealthy trends in the country can be prevented if the manat is cheaper, the expert said.

The website writes that the State Committee for Work with the Diaspora advises citizens abroad not to return to their homeland during this period and not to create problems for the country's healthcare system.

These statements have caused serious concern among Azerbaijanis and students living abroad. This is regarded by them as a renunciation of their citizens and responsibility for them.

The website discusses with the expert Natig Jafarli the introduction of a special regime from March 14. After this decision of the government, the situation in the economy became even more complicated. Falling oil prices and the Corona Virus pandemic will hit the economy even more.

The expert believes that the government should establish effective and credible communication with citizens.

Problems can be exacerbated if market hype does not stop. There is serious pressure on the manat, the expert notes.


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