Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

The medical characteristics of the pandemic, the problems of citizens living near the detention center in Kurdakhany, the likelihood of devaluation, as well as the political essence of localism are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the absence of a single form of treatment for coronavirus, and the manufacture of a vaccine and vaccinations is not one day.

The treatment is complicated by the fact that the disease can be hidden. In addition, the infection spreads very quickly, and the methods of treatment for each patient are different.

As of May 1, 25 people died from this infection in Azerbaijan. This is the lowest mortality rate per population.

 Since the beginning of the pandemic, production of medical masks has been established in the country, a new clinic for 575 beds has been commissioned, and a modern laboratory has been imported from abroad.

The Azadlıqinfo website writes about the social problems of people living near the Kurdakhani detention center. The main problems are the poor road and sewage system. Residents at their own expense poured rubble on the road, but this did not help, and it is impossible to drive there. There is no shuttle bus in this area.

As for the sewage system, the wastewater forms small lakes, and garbage falls out in piles and is not cleaned.

There is no telephone line or Internet on the territory, and the Executive Authority of the Absheron region does not do anything.

Müsavat.com discusses the likelihood of devaluation amid falling oil prices. Under the current conditions, it’s quite difficult to keep the manat rate, and the incomprehensible behavior of the government makes it impossible to predict anything, experts say. If this situation continues, foreign exchange reserves will quickly melt, but the authorities are more guided not by economic but by political factors.

The Modern.az website discusses the trend of parochialism, which has recently undergone some changes. Recent staff appointments clearly demonstrate the lack of a specific regional affiliation, as it was before. Now young educated cadres are entering the arena, and the question of regionalism and clanism no longer plays a role.


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