Press Review 02/20/2016

The leading topics of the press are corruption, political interests in the region, and safe food.

Official newspapers write only about the official receptions of President Ilham Aliyev and the "withdrawal from the crisis."

Azadlig publishes a denial from the Chairwoman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Hijran Huseynova. She recommends that journalists should not forget about ethics. "Especially when it comes to government officials," Huseynova says.

As it was reported, 170 thousand USD was stolen by the former head of the staff of the State Committee Safar Imanov. For the money he promised to arrange an Elnur Kerimov deputy chairman of the executive branch. It was also reported that Imanov fled the country in January this year.

The lawyer of the victim, Adam Mammadov accused the state committee’s chairwoman Hijran Huseynova, saying that he had enough grounds for that.

Novoye Vremya analyzes the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey in Tbilisi, saying that Ankara is trying to create a military alliance in this format. The author sees an anti-Russian policy in this. Erdogan’s hope for creation of a military alliance in the specified format has a goal to expand the influence of NATO in the region.

Yeni Musavat writes that the sale of Russian arms to Armenia is a response to the possible accession of Azerbaijan to the anti-ISIS coalition. As you know, weapons were transferred to Yerevan in the amount of 200 million dollars, which is a direct warning to Baku on the background of rapprochement between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Bizim Yol writes that monopolists make the Azerbaijani people consumer harmful food products. Azerbaijan has a very weak control over the foods imported into the country. Experts believe the monopolists are not interested in importing good food products.

The expert Vahid Maharramov believes it is important to ensure the transparency of the inspection of imported goods. The expert Eyyub Huseynov says the import of genetically modified foods from Brazil passed two examinations. One of them confirmed it, while the other could not detect GMOs. In Azerbaijan, in spite of the requirements of international agencies, the law On Food Safety has not been passed yet.  –0--

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