Relatives of Afghan Mukhtarli awaits response from Georgian authorities

Tbilisi / 30.05.17 / Turan: Leyla Mustafayeva, the spouse of the journalist Afgan Mukhtarli, who disappeared on May 29 in Tbilisi, as well as political emigrants Vidadi Iskenderov and Dashgin Agalarli called on the Georgian authorities to answer the question of what happened to the Azerbaijani journalist.

On Tuesday, May 30, they held a press conference in Tbilisi, where they talked about the persecution

Azerbaijani political emigrants from the special services of Azerbaijan on the territory of Georgia.

Dashgin Agalarli noted that Afghan Mukhtarli was most likely abducted by the Azerbaijani authorities with the connivance of the Georgian authorities. According to him, the kidnapping is the work of the Security Service of the SOCAR State Oil Company, which has been keeping an eye on the opponents of the Aliyev regime in Georgia for a long time.

"We know them all, they provoked us several times, they are constantly being watched and behave especially defiantly in the last two weeks. I do not want to believe it, but it seems that the Georgian authorities allowed the Azerbaijani authorities to kidnap people on their territory," he said.

Another political emigrant Vidadi Isgandarov said that a few days ago, representatives of the Georgian authorities openly told him that Baku was blackmailing Georgia, demanding that political immigrants be expelled from its territory. "Otherwise, the Azerbaijani authorities threaten economic sanctions against Georgia," Isgandarov said, adding that this is unacceptable in the country that wants to become member of the European Union and NATO.

The wife of the disappeared journalist Leyla Mustafayeva stated that she cannot receive a coherent response from the Georgian authorities where her husband is, why he is not being sought and what is it?

She also expressed confidence that Afgan was abducted most likely because of his journalistic activities and criticism of the Azerbaijani authorities. She expressed her hope that the Georgian authorities will take all necessary measures to search for and release my husband, and all those responsible for the incident will be punished. -02B-

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